Born and bred in Prague, I graduated from the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and also from the Masters Programme at the School of English at the University of Leeds. In Prague I worked at The Theatre Na zábradlí and for the Theatre Institute and also as a freelance translator and teacher of English.

I first moved to Manchester in early 1990s and later also lived in London and Leeds. I have two teenage children and work at St. Bede’s College as an MIS and Examinations Manager. I am also a vice-chair of the Association of Czech and Slovak Schools in the UK.  In my rare free time I love exploring the great outdoors (I am a volunteer for the Duke of Edinburgh Award), skiing, travelling and reading.

Born in Slovakia, I graduated from Economics University in Bratislava, later I completed my CIPS at Oxford College of Marketing and Supply and earned my second MSc. in Strategic Procurement Management at University of South Wales in 2017, whilst starting up our “historic” first year of Slovak Section at our School.

I first moved to Manchester in 2006 and fell in love with this city. For couple of years I lived back in Slovakia with frequent working travel to Germany and now living in Huddersfield. Lack of Slovak language education in Manchester, and my active 6 years-old girl, with never-ending eagerness for activities, initiated thought that it would be beneficial to establish Slovak complementary education possibility and formally established Slovak organization to enhance community spirit.

Through my passion for active volunteering, I was privileged to find amazing team of people at Czech School Manchester, established Slovak Section and we merged into Czech and Slovak School and Community Manchester. My original plan for volunteering activity was “active helping to homeless, kids friendly”, but whilst searching for it, life ways led me finally here and showed me, I can be more beneficial in this field. That’s for longer story though!

As Trustee and Slovak Section Manager/Founder, with my professional financial and negotiation background, I support school to ensure best in class language education is provided, that every Saturday morning lesson is enjoyment for our kids and adults, support teacher’s professional development, recruitment, active fundraising, marketing, organizing of extra CV activities and I lead running of our Slovak Section. Not less importantly, I strive to enhance community spirit with other nationalities and charities by organizing community events and promote social inclusion within cosmopolitan community in Manchester. In my spare time, apart from family, work and school, I like exploring the great outdoors, travelling, cosmopolitan socializing, reading, healthy lifestyle eating, being creative and active, cycling and regular running.

I was born, grew up and studied in Prague. I came to Manchester in September 2000 as part of my studies for information services diploma and subsequently a Bachelor degree in Business Studies. Although my stay in England was meant to be temporary, fate decided otherwise and I permanently settled in Manchester after getting married in 2003. My husband and I have 2 wonderful boys.
I have worked for a prestigious architectural practice in the city centre since 2004, first as a Document Controller, now as the Information Manager and in my spare time I play slowpitch softball for Tigers, a team which competes in the Manchester Softball League (outdoor and indoor).

​I was born in České Budějovice in South Bohemia. After finishing my studies and gaining a PhD in Molecular Biology from the Charles University in Prague and Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg in France, I was looking for a short placement abroad to further my scientific career. Early in 2008, I took a temporary position at the University of Manchester and it so happened that I stayed and settled in here. At work, I am a biologist studying processes that regulate cellular division (I work at the Cancer Research UK Institute at the University of Manchester), and at home, I am a mum to two young boys.

In my spare time, I like to read science fiction or binge watch series. I am proud of my Czech identity and wish to maintain it for myself and my family, and I greatly value the opportunity to socialise with fellow expats and realise the need to actively support the community; hence I am thrilled to be part of a the team that provides all of that.

My name is Ivana and I teach Czech children in Year 1. I have graduated from Higher Vocational School in Kroměříž (Social Pedagogy) and later from Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín (also Social Pedagogy). In the Czech Republic I previously worked as a Teaching Assistant in Year 1 and also volunteered as a tutor for Juniors in a primary school. In the UK I work as a Teaching Assistant in a Primary School in Manchester. I am interested in arts, I like painting and love all kinds of sport activities. What I like about Czech School is that I work with children and and am in contact with the Czech community in general.

I was born in the Czech Republic and first came to the UK in 1999. I am a director of Everyman Art Gallery, set up in 2010. This platform feeds my interest in art, education and supports open talks on various art, education, mental healths and even business related topics.

I am a DPSI Law qualified interpreter/translator and am studying Law at BPP Manchester to become a barrister or a solicitor. My educational background is in Economy, Education, Art & Design (degree in Interior Architecture), Law and Languages.

I am a devoted mother to 3 little boys who keep me on my toes & feed my passion for family life. I enjoy extreme spinning, fresh air and company of my lovely friends – when I get time to meet them!